Campaign of Faith

2013 was a special year for Catholic homeschooling conferences. For the first time in history, there was a national campaign to show support for Catholic homeschooling by trying to get 10,000 people to attend conferences during the Year of Faith.

We were able to reach 84% of our goal, meaning that there were about 8,400 people who attended conferences in 2013. That is a 20% increase over 2012! Even though we didn’t get to the lofty goal of 10,000, the campaign still had a huge impact bringing about 1,400 additional people to conferences. We also collected a Spiritual Bouquet for the bishops which collected pledges of 1,407 Masses, 679 Holy Hours, 2,844 Rosaries, and 1,292 Chaplets of Divine Mercy. We wish to thank everyone who came out to show their support for Catholic homeschooling this year and helped make 2013 the best year for Catholic homeschooling conferences in history!